Optimising of Processes, Cooperation and Customer Satisfaction in Your Organisation

Contact: Günther Ogris, MA

SORA supports you in improving cooperation in your organization and with your customers. Furthermore, we examine the satisfaction of customers or members with the goods and services on offer. In a dialogue with your organization, attention is paid to the fact that the results lead to concrete improvement measures. These can be necessary in various parts of the organization – from process optimitation through to customer communication.

At the same time SORA also uses employee surveys and organizational consulting analysis methods in order to identify the improvement potential and to develop suggestions based on these results.

The combination of research and consulting guarantees that the research is focussed on the right goals and that the results are followed by implementation. SORA teams of researchers and consultants will help you to find such optimization measures that lead to a most effective and efficient achievement of objectives. You will receive assistance with process control as well as with the moderation, preparation and follow-up of project-related workshops, sessions or meetings.

SORA organizational consulting delivers essential information and implementation advice for strategy development or improvement measures in such organizational areas as human resources, sales and market or public relations. Changes can be observed in time comparison by means of repeated surveys and analyses (monitoring). In addition, where messages and campaigns are to be developed based on the results, SORA offers communication consulting.

Our services:

  • Organizational development
  • Strategy development
  • Customer surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Service evaluations
  • Image analyses
  • Demand surveys among members and stakeholders