Policy Consulting

Contact: Günther Ogris, MA

SORA advises advocacy groups, public administration as well as labour market institutions on the basis of sociological studies and analyses.

SORA policy consulting

  • develops reliable foundations for decision-making,
  • improves target group orientation and the effectiveness of measures,
  • supports the planning and managing of political programmes.

The consulting process is based on combining applied research with the knowledge of policy-making. During the course of consulting processes SORA provides foundations for decision-making based on research results. Methods such as SWOT analyses, scenario techniques or best practice analyses are used where empirical evidence interfaces with consulting.

Priority areas:

  • Exclusion and discrimination on the labour market
  • Labour market integration
  • Transition and mobility in the professional life (job search, entering the workforce, career, retirement)
  • Job information and professional orientation
  • Employment suitable for acquired education
  • Qualification requirements
  • Women’s employment
  • Supply and demand for social services
  • Social housing
  • Consumer protection
  • Quality of life and security
  • Political participation & equality