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Strategic Planning of Your Communication

Contact point: Günther Ogris, MA

SORA advises organizations, individuals and the public administration on communicating their issues, concerns and messages. This helps our clients to achieve their goals using adequate resources.

SORA consulting is always based on clarification of the starting situation with the client. As expert consultants, we work out possible actions based on empirical data and, if needed, our own research. If required, we accompany our clients also as process consultants on development of strategies and measures planning.

Priority areas:

Content & Messages – Development, Implementation, Evaluation

SORA advises organisations on designing, implementing and evaluating their campaigns. After the campaign goals are clarified and the starting situation is analysed we advise on the choice of topics, main messages and arguments.

SORA also tests and evaluates the effect the messages have on the relevant target groups. This allows for a reliable planning of resource allocation and optimisation of the campaign with regard to your goals.

Communication and Advertising Media – Use, Design, Target Groups

We advise our clients on the use and design of slogans, image and text material for billboards, mailings, newspaper ads, social networks (Web 2.0), TV and radio spots, giveaways, websites, etc.

The client benefits from objective data concerning the reception and the effectiveness of the respective messages and communication media. This optimises the resource allocation to campaigns. If required, we will also accompany you during campaign management and implementation.

Candidates – Research & Analysis, Imaging, Training

We prepare candidates for appearances before the media and public speeches in terms of content. We support during the selection of priority topics and main messages and deliver examples as to how these can be told engagingly and captivatingly (imaging und story telling).

In order for these messages to have the strongest possible effect on the target groups, we co-operate with experienced partners in the area of body language and rhetoric training, vocal coaching and outfit consulting.

Image Development – Evidence Based & Process Consulting

Mission statements and corporate identity show in what direction a region or an organisation should or can develop. It thus gives a thematic and content-related orientation and unites individual measures under one communicative and meaningful roof.

SORA supports communities and regions in the development of their image. By way of representative surveys and interviews with experts and decision makers we first work out an objective data foundation. Building upon these research results we advise on the development of messages and topics that would be adequate for the target groups. On request, we also accompany you beyond this and during communication of the image.

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