SORA Methods Consulting

Contact: Mag. Christoph Hofinger

SORA methods consulting makes research more effective and thus optimizes its practical benefits.

SORA has an excellent methodology know-how as well as experience in applied research. As specialists for research design and methodology we work together with renowned international partners on numerous projects.

In methods consulting we use our expertise for the benefit of your undertakings:

  • drafting research proposals in empirical social research
  • drafting or supporting monitoring systems and evaluations
  • developing measurement tools
  • statistic analysis of complex data

During the course of the consulting process our clients improve the quality of their data basis as well as their applicability and thus optimize the concrete user value of their research.

We consult

  • market research departments in the application of innovative statistical and qualitative methods
  • public administration in the efficient design, analysis and application of their regular surveys (parking space counting, patient satisfaction, etc.)
  • organization consultants, who wish to improve the empirical basis of their advice
  • researchers in the development of methodical designs for research proposals (e.g., to the EU framework programme)

Contact us and together we will develop an optimal solution for your purposes.