Presidential Election: first ballot on April 22


Precise SORA forecast and further election analyses

On Sunday, April 24, elections for the Federal President took place in Austria. Since no candidate reached an absolute majority, a run-off election will be held on May 22.
SORA provided election night forecasts and election analyses for the Austrian broadcasting company ORF.

Disappointment and dissatisfaction with the government marked this election

Who voted for what candidate and for what reasons? SORA provides the results of voter transition analyses and the SORA/ISA/ORF election day survey among 1.200 voters online here.

Precise forecast

Despite extreme voter dynamics: With an average aberration of only 0,6 percentage points, SORA was able to inform precisely about this election already at 17:00 and provided the best forecast of this night.
For the SORA prognosis of absentee-ballots later the evening (more than 500.000 votes were only counted on Monday, the day after the election), the average aberration was only 0,1 percentage points.

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