Elections in Vienna


Social-democrats 39,6%, Freedom Party 30,8%, Greens 11,8%

On Sunday, October 11, 2015, Vienna elected a new city council. SORA provided election night forecasts and analyses for the national TV station ORF and for international media.

Quality of life and refugee politics on top of voters‘ motives

The ORF/SORA/ISA election day survey among 2.045 eligible voters show the city’s quality of life and the refugee crisis on top of voters‘ concerns in this election. (detailed analysis here)

The Freedom Party gains voters who are angry about how politics dealt with the refugee situation thus far, as well as voters concerned about a decreasing quality of life in Vienna.
Persons who are confident about political answers to the refugee crisis and Vienna’s quality of life voted mainly for the city government coalition parties, i.e. the social democrats and the Greens.

Social-democrats lose 1 out of 10 voters to Freedom Party

The SORA analysis shows voter transitions from the previous city council election in 2010. The largest transition in absolute number of votes (33.000) goes from the social-democrats to the Freedom Party. Gains for social-democrats come from non-voters from 2010 (27.000 votes), from the Greens (16.000 votes), but also from Freedom Party voters from 2010 (12.000).

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