Austrian National Election


Forecast: VP 37,4 SP 21,2 FP 16,2 GR 13,9 NE 8,1

Austria has voted.

SORA provides election night forecasts and analyses for the national TV station ORF.

Will there be a final result on Sunday? Voting cards are counted from Monday

1,070.933 voting cards have been issued for this election - a new record. Most of these votes are not counted on election night, but from Monday, September 30. All SORA election night forecasts already include a prognosis of postal vote, i.e. the final result expected for Thursday, October 3.

Analyses and motives

Who voted for what party and for what reasons? From Monday, September 30, SORA provides the results of voter transition analyses and the SORA/ISA/ORF election day survey among 1.200 voters online here.

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