29.000 voters from FPÖ to SPÖ

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Only 19% of FPÖ voters voted for them again in 2020

The SORA analysis shows voter transitions from the local council election 2015. Major trends are:

  • The Social-Democrats mobilise 72% of their voters from 2015. Substantial gains of 29.000 votes come from the Freedom Party. 27.000 votes from 2015 are lost to the People's Party (Conservatives)
  • The Freedom Party mobilises only 19% of their voters from 2015. A large proportion (100.000) has not voted this time, another 49.000 votes are lost to the Conservatives, 29.000 to the Social-Democrats and 16.000 to former party leader HC Strache.
  • The Greens gain 16.000 votes from first-time voters and non-voters from 2015, 11.000 from Social-Democrats, 6.000 from the Liberals (NEOS), and 4.000 from the Conservatives
  • The Conservative People's Party mobilises three quarters (75%) of their voters from 2015 again. Substantial gains come from the Freedom Party (49.000), 9.000 votes are lost to the Liberals.
  • The Liberals (NEOS) gain votes from the Conservatives and the Greens (9.000 each) but also lose 10.000 votes to the Conservatives.
  • Voters of Team HC Strache come mainly from the Freedom Party.


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