Wir heißen seit Dezember 2023

Die Seite www.foresight.at ist gerade im Aufbau. Diese Seite (sora.at) wird nicht mehr gewartet und im Frühjahr 2024 vom Netz genommen.

SORA’s research and consulting give your strategic decisions a reliable foundation.

We have been researching, consulting, publishing, evaluating and training for more than 15 years with the aim of supporting our customers during the course of developing and improving strategic decisions with our comprehensible and usable analyses.

We work with various empirical quantitative and qualitative methods depending on the issue and always in consultation with our customers. Based on high-quality scientific research we deliver findings that are comprehensible and provide advice that meets the requirements of practical usability and practicability.

Our work is based on trust and individual attention. In addition to lobby groups and federal, state and community public institutions, our client base also include such renowned private organisations as Mobilkom, Microsoft and OMV.

We build upon many years of experience and a consequent development of our expertise and knowledge of methodology. As an established partner in European social science, SORA is at the forefront of expert debates and methodological innovation. We pass on our knowledge and our experience through university courses and training programmes such as SOQUA and the SORA next level seminars.