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Employee Surveys

Since 1999, SORA carries out employee surveys in both the public sector and the private business sector. Based on the analysis of the respective survey, SORA also develops recommendations on how to implement results.

The Human Resource Index (HRI) is a new product in the field of employee surveys developed by SORA in cooperation with Wentner & Havranek, an institute for management consultancy. It provides employers with information on the job satisfaction of their employees and enables them to learn their employees´ opinion on matters of strategic relevance for the company.
When applied as benchmarking instrument, the Human Resource Index allows for a comparison to other employees of the respective sector and can be used as basis for strategic action planning.

In addition to internal analysis, SORA also offers corporate image analysis. Thus our customers may have both the internal as well as the external perception of their company evaluated by the same research and consultancy institute.

Within the sector of employee surveys and company analysis, SORA places emphasis on studies on different schemes of working hours and remuneration, which are also conducted in cooperation with Wentner & Havranek.