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Habitation & Quality of Life

Contact: Mag. Paul Ringler

SORA delivers empirical studies on changes in the quality of life and housing satisfaction as well as on essential factors of influence and socio-demographic trends. In addition to the development of demand structures and user behavior this also includes the issues of security, health, social justice and coexistence of various population groups.

SORA research projects are based on many years of social science expertise and methodological innovation. This way our clients from public administration as well as stakeholders or housing estate developers receive a reliable and useful basis for decision-making. 

Moreover, evaluations and political consulting improve target group orientation and measure effectiveness and generate evidence-based foundation for the planning and control of political programs.

Key topics:

  • qualitative und quantitative housing supply and demand
  • housing satisfaction, quality of housing and infrastructure
  • mobility behavior, immigration and emigration
  • quality of life in cities and regions
  • satisfaction with life and sense of security
  • public health

Selected projects:

City Barometer 2009 – Attitude towards life in Austrian cities (2009): Commissioned by the Association of Austrian Cities and Towns SORA developed a quantitative survey instrument as well as a study design to survey the attitude towards life in Austrian cities. 1,050 residents of member communities of the Association of Austrian Cities and Towns from 16 years of age were surveyed. The key factors of influence on life satisfaction of urbanites were identified based on a combination of factor analysis and multiple regression.

The housing demand in Vienna (2009): There is no general formula for housing expectations. The expectations vary depending on the phase of life, whereby age, gender, family status, social class membership and origin are important factors. Commissioned by the City Council Department 50 – Housing Construction Research – SORA examined the demand for housing and the quality expectations of housing seekers living in Vienna. The socio-demographic structure, motives and desires of housing seekers were ascertained in a representative survey. The acceptance of specific styles of living and offers were also examined.

Housing satisfaction and housing quality in Vienna (2005): As is apparent from the results of the “Life and quality of life in Vienna” survey, the subjective housing satisfaction as well as the objective housing quality in Vienna have significantly increased over time. Within the focus of a special evaluation of the data, SORA has investigated what has led to an increase in housing satisfaction and whether the structure of the housing satisfaction has changed. In particular, the question of which social groups have profited from the improvement was also explored.

Partners and networks (selection):

  • Institute for Sociology, Vienna University
  • Wohnbauinstitut TU Vienna
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur (ÖGFA)
  • Wiener Wohnbaupreis