National Election 1999

On 3rd October 1999 SPÖ (Social Democrats) and ÖVP (the People's Party) extensively lost votes. The FPÖ (Freedom Party) was the obvious winner of the national election and the Greens registered a moderate gain of votes.

The most important voter transition took place from the SPÖ and the ÖVP to the parties in opposition. Both parties in power lost 314.000 voters to the FPÖ.

On 3rd October 1999 the SPÖ lost 176.000 votes to the FPÖ which complies with 10% of its former voters. A further problem of the SPÖ was its unsuccessful mobilisation of her former voters: the SPÖ lost 127.000 votes to the non voters and could only gain 8.000 from them. All in all the SPÖ could only keep 74% of its electorate.

The SPÖ lost 65.000 votes to the Greens and 24.000 votes to the Liberals, thus had to deal with a noticeable migration to the parties on the left side. More than expected the SPÖ benefited from the erosion of the Liberals with a surplus in 29.000 votes.

The FPÖ gained most votes from the two parties in power. Without considering the absentee ballots the FPÖ won 160.000 voters.

The ÖVP could keep 78% of its electorate and lost only 5% to the non voters, what led to an unexpected positive result. Nevertheless the ÖVP lost 138.000 voters to the FPÖ (which complies with 10% former voters of 1995) and came third behind the FPÖ.

The Greens could only keep 56% of her standing voters. 51.000 (23%) former Green voters didn't go to the national election in 1999 what is equivalent with an outstandingly high demobilisation of voters.

The loss of 24.000 (11%) Green voters of 1995 to the ÖVP was surprisingly high. In return, however, 24.000 ÖVP voters shifted to the Greens which led to a balanced result.
The migration of Green voters to the Liberal Forum was relatively low (5%). The reverse turnover (56.000 migrated from LIF to the Greens) was one of the fundamental victories for the Greens at the 1999 National election. Still more votes, in total 65.000 were recruited from the SPÖ.

The Liberals failed to make the 4%-hurdle to move into the National Assembly. 65.000 (25%) former Liberal voters didn't go to the election in 1999. The Liberals lost most votes to the Greens (56.000). About 30.000 former Liberal voters shifted to the SPÖ, which was a rather painful loss for the Liberals.

The non-voters were the most "successful party" on October 3rd, 1999: their share of qualified voters grew about 6 percentage points. All parties lost voters to the non-voters - not only the losing parties SPÖ (127.000), ÖVP (65.000) and the Liberals (65.000) but also the winners of this national election FPÖ (130.000) and the Greens (51.000).