SORA Election-night Forecasts

Managing partners Günther Ogris and Christoph Hofinger have cooperated in election research before the founding of the Institute for Social Research and Consulting (SORA). Since 1994 they have conducted election-night forecasts and offered the analysis of voter transitions to television stations and political parties.

SORA has been doing election night forecasts and prognoses of absentee ballots successfully for more than 50 election days in Europe and reached extremely high levels of accuracy.

These forecasts are based upon the analysis of aggregate data. The SORA team uses local voter transition data to make inferences on the overall result.

More information:

Hofinger, Christoph / Ogris, Günther (2002): Orakel der Neuzeit: Was leisten Wahlbörsen, Wählerstromanalysen und Wahltagshochrechnungen?, in: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (31), 143-158.