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Electoral Behaviour

Contact: Dr. Florian Oberhuber

Günther Ogris and Christoph Hofinger have been compiling election-night forecasts and voter transition analyses already since 1994 on behalf of TV stations and political parties. Moreover, on the foundation of representative surveys as well as focus groups and in-depth interviews SORA also examines trends in voting behaviour, voting motives and the influence of the election campaign on the election decision.

Electoral research at SORA is based on many years of experience and excellent methodological know-how. SORA experts regularly publish on specialist subjects from the fields of political and statistical science and pass on their knowledge by teaching at university level.

SORA’s consulting is built upon the knowledge gained from research. For our clients we develop strategies to address and mobilize target groups. Our international connections and links to the European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC) guarantee that strategy development and campaign management consulting are of high quality and relevant to the current situation.

In May 2010 SORA organized the 15th annual conference of the EAPC in Vienna on the subject of “Emotions in Political Campaigning”.

Key topics:

  • Political communication, mobilization and voter potential
  • Factors influencing voter participation and the mobilization of voters
  • Political attitudes and voting motives
  • Election-night forecasts and voter transition analyses

Selected Projects

Bulgarian national election 2013: Trust in elections was shattered in the Bulgarian population after numerous incidents of fraud in the past.
For the first time in an EU member-state, the OSCE war deploying a full observation mission for the parliamentary elections on May 12, 2013. On behalf of an alliance of opposition parties, SORA carried out a full parallel vote count and provided its well-proven technical and statistical know-how. MORE...

Post-election Study on the 2008 General Election: By reducing the voting age to 16 years, Austria has taken on a pioneering role regarding involvement of young people in politics. SORA, the Institute for Strategy Analyses and Dr Ulrike Kozeluh have jointly conducted a comprehensive post-election study on the 2008 general election among 16 to 18-year-olds. The results of the study allow insights into the political attitudes, values and behaviour patterns of young people in Austria. MORE...

European Election Study 2004: SORA employees Eva Zeglovits and Ruth Picker analysed in numerous publications the EU election of 2004 in respect of voter participation and election results. These were based on, inter alia, the results of the Eurobarometer and the European Election Studies, a Europe-wide post-election study on election to the European Parliament.

Selected Publications

Eva Zeglovits & Martina Zandonella (2013): Political interest of adolescents before and after lowering the voting age: the case of Austria: Journal of Youth Studies 16/5.

Zandonella, Martina / Zeglovits, Eva (2012): Young Men and their Vote for the Radical Right in Austria. In: Politics, Culture and Socialization, Vol. 3, Issue 1-2, pp. 63-80.

Christoph Hofinger / Gerlinde Manz-Christ (2011) (Hg.:) Emotions in Politics and Campaigning: How Neuroscience, Linguistics, and Social Psychology Change the Political Profession. New Delhi, Sydney.

Filzmaier, Peter / Hofinger, Christoph / Perlot, Flooh / Ptaszyñska, Aleksandra (2009): Die Nationalratswahl 2008: Ergebnisse und Wahlverhalten, in: Peter Filzmaier, Peter Plaikner, Karl A Duffek (Hg.): Stichwort Wählen. Köln, Weimar - Böhlau Verlag, S. 13-40.

Breitenfelder, Ursula / Hofinger, Christoph / Kaupa, Isabella (2008): Der Einsatz von Fokusgruppen in der politischen Beratung, in: Bröchler, Stephan / Schützeichel, Rainer (Hg.): Politikberatung. Stuttgart: Lucius & Lucius, S. 70-82.

Hofinger, Christoph / Ogris, Günther / Zeglovits, Eva (2007): It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over. Electoral Volatility in Austria from the 1970s through 2006, in: Günter Bischof and Fritz Plasser (Hg.): The Changing Austrian Voter. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, S. 79-90. (= Contemporary Austrian Studies, vol. XVI)

Hofinger, Christoph / Picker, Ruth / Zeglovits, Eva (2005): The Campaign for the European Elections in Austria: Skepticism Rules, in: EAPC: Election Time. The European Yearbook of Political Campaigning 2004, S. 11-26.