Austrian National Election


Prognosis of postal vote: Greens might still make it into Parliament

On Sunday, October 15, Austria has elected a new Parliament. After this evening, the majority of voting cards (889.193 have been issued) still remains to be counted from Monday, October 16. – The ORF/SORA forecast provides a prognosis of the final result including all voting cards

Final result on Thursday, October 19

What’s new at this election: On election day, voters can take their voting cards in a sealed envelope to any polling station in the country. If this polling station is no in their home disctrict, this voting card will not be counted on Monday but be brought to the home district and counted only on Thursday, October 19. This could be the case for between 50.000 and 100.000 voting cards. – For smaller parties, these votes could make the decisive difference for entering the national Parliament or not.

Analyses and motives

Who voted for what party and for what reasons? SORA provides the results of voter transition analyses and the SORA/ISA/ORF election day survey among 1.219 voters online here.

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